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How to Prepare Michelada

We’ll show you how to make a Michelada, a trendy cocktail that’s made its way from Mexico to major cocktail bars around the world.

In its most basic, original recipe, a Michelada is a simple cocktail made with blond beer, natural lemon or lime juice, a dash of spiciness and salt. The most widely accepted origin of the name brings us to the word “chela,” which is what they call beer in Mexico. “My Frozen School” Will perfectly sum up how you feel when you try this delicious drink.

Michelada can use any Blonde beers you love, even non-alcoholic ones If you prefer.In most American recipes, depending on the location and country, they also add a little tomato juice Or clamato, which is a concentrated tomato juice containing sugar, spices, and fish extract (oyster or clam) and is widely used to make cocktails, especially in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It’s this combination of ingredients that means that in Mexico, they also use Michelada as a cure for hangovers.

Michelada Recipe

How to Make a Trendy Cocktail Michelada 11

Ingredients for Michelada

  • 1 very cold beer
  • 1 lemon or lime
  • 2 or 3 drops Tabasco sauce (to taste)
  • A few drops of English sauce (Worcestershire or Perrins)
  • Optional: a dash of concentrated gravy, such as Jugo Maggi, or even a dash of Bovril
  • Optional: 100ml tomato or clamato juice
  • Salt

How to Prepare Michelada

  1. We put fine salt on the plate. wet the rim of the glass Cut into large chunks with a lime or lemon and stick the edges to the salt to keep it attached. In addition to salt, we can also put paprika or cayenne powder, if you want the result to be more explosive.
  2. Add a few pieces to the glass icelime or lemon juice to taste (juice of half a cube, more or less), a pinch of salt and a few drops of Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and gravy concentrate if you want a kick.
  3. Do not shake the contents of the glass, add cold beer On top of the rest of the toppings, make it fresh.Sometimes it’s accompanied by thin stalks of celery, like Bloody Mary.

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