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How to know neighbor’s wifi password

We show you how to crack Wi-Fi password from my Android phone using Router Keygen. This app allows us to crack passwords of various routers in 2 minutes like Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS or Alice AGPF, TELMEX and many more.

Compatibility is important to consider because this program to hack wifi from neighbors cannot extract keys for all routers

You just have to try this tool over your neighbor’s Wi-Fi or on the street to see if you can find the correct key. Next let’s go ahead and download the necessary stuff and see how I cracked my neighbor’s wifi password step by step without being root.

Download files to decrypt WIFI network: • Router keygenKey Dictionary (Thomson)

The first apk file needs to be installed on the android device. The password dictionary is an optional download. Everything you need to know How to connect to my neighbor’s Wi-Fi without knowing the password.

If you want it to calculate the keys faster then load the dictionary in the app but if not it’s not necessary but it will take longer

Let’s go through these steps on how to get my neighbor’s Wi-Fi password from my phone.

How do I know my neighbor’s wifi password from my phone

After downloading these two files, go ahead and install the Router Keygen app on your phone and open it. Now you have to load the dictionary (this is optional). Go to the Preferences option and click on the Select Dictionary option. Search for the dictionary you downloaded earlier and go ahead and select it.

From the list of available routers that the app displays on screen, these routers are categorized in three colors to identify them: • Green: Networks where keys can be easily deleted are shown in green. • Orange: Wi-Fi networks with this color are networks for which the password may be known. • Red: Red is absolutely impossible to crack the password (at least not with this app).

How to connect to my neighbor’s wifi

Now, how to know your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password, select any network in green and the possible passwords will be displayed. Click “Connect automatically” or you can also select any possible key to copy and connect manually.

With these simple steps, you’ll manage to find your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password. Please keep in mind that this app will not work with routers that have changed their name [SSID] or password.


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